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Tidal Championship Wrestling

Sun 10th February 2019

It’s like I said regarding the March 3rd London show, but in the North East!
The Scene in the NE is thriving, with regular shows running through Tyne & Wear, County Durham, Cumbria and Cleveland. We had no plans to return but an opportunity has been given for us to show what we can do again, so we’re only gonna go an’ bleedin’ do it ain’t we!?

TIDAL ran four shows in Newcastle back in the day, two at the NE6 Suite and two at the Riverside, the last of which was Summer 2015. There were plans for 3 more Riverside shows but for reasons I forget, that went to pot. Happy to see it’s being used still though.

We’re not looking to get in anyone’s way here, we were set to run a week earlier but the show clashed with another company’s show so we moved it a week. Hopefully you’ll like what we do then maybe we’ll do it again, and if we don’t maybe someone else will!

#1 SUGAR DUNKERTON vs RAMPAGE BROWN!! The current TCW World Champion, SUGAR DUNKERTON will be back in the UK and in the house. Suge has made a request to defend his belt against probably the baddest man in the 5 years of TCW, RAMPAGE BROWN! He says he has a bucket list, I think he’s getting confused with a death wish but we’re happy to oblige….so ladies and gents, your main event of the evening

#2 HT DRAKE vs BRADY PHILLIPS – former 2 time TCW, Drake didn’t have a bad match in TIDAL in 2018. Sure, he lost the title to Conners, but they he regained on the next show and when Conners left with the belt and refused to give it up fairly he beat him a second time! It’s time for him to face former Open Champion, Phillips, the distinguished sartorially elegant man of style, in both fashion and wrestling. His eyes are on the main prize and beating a 2 time champ would put him another step up the ladder to the title

#3 JOSEPH CONNERS vs BORIS KOSLOV – Conners had a stellar year in wrestling in 2018, winning the TCW World Championship and stamping his name all over the big leagues on the network.. He’s never faced Boris in Tidal. Boris likes to party but he likes to fight more! This could be special.

#4 THE LION KINGS vs CROWN OF THORNS – The last show of 2018 saw the new faction of Grodd, Rhio, Will Kroos and B.A Rose steamroll, Dunkerton, HT Drake & Soner Dursun after a hard fought triple threat match. We’ve kept Grodd away from the card, hopefully but Kroos and Rose were already on their way into tag title contention. Rose has a screw loose and at the time of writing, Kroos has been unstoppable in TCW. The Lion Kings love it when we take them off their chains though and they won’t be backing down for anyone. I’m don’t think we can keep this in the ring so this will be No Countout

#5 RHIO vs ROXXY – the TCW Women’s Champion vs the TCW Open Champion. Roxxy lost the women’s title to NXT star, Mia Yim in June, then beat Brady Phillips in November to win the Open Championship. After Mia was unable to travel to defend the belt she sent Session Moth Martina to defend in her place against Rhio, who walked away with the title. I don’t know which belt will be on the line here, ….maybe we’ll do a coin toss!

#6 MAN LIKE DEREISS vs. SEAN ONLY – Only has been around since the first Leeds Uni CZW show, we’ve had our ups and downs for sure but through it all he’s seen himself as a TCW guy, one of those you need to get past to move up the ladder, though truth be told he’d rather move up himself. The first to test him in 2019 is Midlands rookie, Man Like Dereiss who’s turning heads up and down the country right now. It’s only his 3rd match in Tidal but expect him to be around a lot more this year

#7 CRASHBOAT vs THE BREAKFAST CLUB – cruiserweight tag shenanigans! THE POP PUNK KID, JAKE SILVER and his hetro life partner, JACK BANDICOOT face off against the new team of JOE NELSON and NATALIE SYKES, named after the film, not the faction. This one should defy gravity!

#8 SHEIKH EL SHAM vs SHREDDYBREK – No less than Joey Janela told me that if the Sheikh wasn’t signed in the next 2 years then WWE were missing out. The guy has it all, he’s big, built, ruthless and can get the job done. Best know around the PCW promotion he’s been around TIDAL a few times and figures in our plans in 2019. Shreddybrek is making his long awaited TCW debut, we’ve been talking for a long time and it seemed the right show to give him his shot, let’s hope he makes good use of it!
Card subject to change
Card’s a lil’ bit batshit!
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4 minutes from the train station, just walk out and turn left!
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