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Swingers Presents

Psychedelic Galaxy

Wed 6th June 2018

Swingers are proud to present the return of our yearly sell out ‘End of Exams’ Spectacular at Digital! “THE PSYCHEDELIC DISCO” Part 4.

ft: HorseMeatDisco & Friends (Extended 3 Hour Set)
+ STDY Hosting the ‘Hacienda’
+ KITCHEN SYNC Hosting the ‘Disco Inferno’
+ ALEX DJUKIC Hosting the ‘Shroom Garden’

Back by popular demand. Furthermore, it brings us great pleasure to announce that after becoming the fastest selling and ultimately biggest event of last year we have been invited back to take over the cities musical mecca that is ‘Digital Nightclub’ for Part 4 of our Swingers STD instalment and with that our biggest creation yet – ‘The Swingin‘ Psychedelic Disco’ An End of Exams Spectacular!!

So rest assured knowing that the Swingers Party Posse have 100% got your back to make sure the end of the year goes out with a bang and in the funnest most memorable fashion going!


Expect to see performers in all manner of costumes cavorting through the crowd, men in drag dangling precariously from the ceiling, all kinds of inflatables, confetti cannons and so much more.

If you’re a seasoned pro or new to Swingers; you will no doubt know that it’s so much more than just an event! It’s a one of a kind party Inspired by the psychedelic sixties, an iconic era of free-love and hedonism, where we transport our party-goers weekly through an unreal world of kaleidoscopic colours, zany performers and plenty of mind-bending surprises!

Hosted by HORSE MEAT DISCO & Friends.
With support from: TBA

Hosted by STDY & Friends
With support from: TBA

Hosted by KITCHEN SYNC & Friends
With support from: TBA

Hosted by ALEX DJUKIC & Friends
With support from: TBA