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Fatboy Slim

Fri 29th July 2016

We are delighted to announce the Friday night headliner of our Times Square summer shows as the one and only Fatboy Slim.

This promises to be one of the greatest shows this city has ever hosted in what is the party capital of the UK.

On what is also his birthday weekend Norman has chosen this city for a reason as he explains here:

‘To celebrate my birthday weekend I will be conduction a mass science experiment at the Centre For Life to explore the effects of collective euphoria and escapism. I chose the North East because in my previous experiments the people there seem to have a consistently high rate of abandonment and licentiousness when subjected to my music at a loud volume in an enclosed space.

We are conducting this in Times Square, an outdoor environment, in case the levels are so high that the audience blows the roof off. Confidence is high that we will reach new highs in audience frenzy and exhilaration……………

Tickets are on sale 9am Friday with more info to follow.

Times Square Newcastle

Age 18+

Doors 6pm
Close 22:30